Best French Fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes

Best French Fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes

Do you have a child that is a picky eater then we can understand your mental state?

Don’t worry, here is a solution: you can introduce a sweet potato to your child by making french fries. Trust me it will be the yummiest food you ever try.

He or she will love to eat this light in weight, easily digested and tasteful food.

You can give this food at lunch or as afternoon snacks or the best serving as a side dish to your guests.

If your child is going to school, nothing is better than a french fries in lunch; it will make your kid excited for its break time.

For making a french fries daily, it is difficult to cut the sweet potatoes with hand with the help of a knife then there is a need to buy the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes.

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What are the sweet potatoes?

This dicotyledon plant belongs to a morning glory family Convolvulaceae.

It is starchy, sweet in taste and fibrous food.

It is root vegetables, and its shoot is used as a portion of green food.

Nutrients in sweet potatoes

We will discuss here the nutrients that are present in 100 g quantity of sweet potato, it will help to estimate the amount of nutrients in sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients in 100g here you can read

  • Fat 0.1 g

  • Cholesterol 0 g

  • Sodium 55 g 2%

  • Potassium 337 mg 9%

  • Carbohydrates 20g 6%

  • Dietary fibre. 12%

  • Protein. 3%

  • Vitamin A. 283%

  • Vitamin C. 4%

  • Calcium 3%

  • Iron 3%

  • Vitamin D 0%

  • Vitamin B6. 12%

  • Magnesium. 6%

Benefits of sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are soft, delicate and healthy food, and it has a lot of benefits for kids as well as for every age group.

Help in growth

The mouth melt sweet potatoes provide the exact calories needed for the proper growth of the body.

It is light in weight, and its controlled calories help maintain the weight also considered a weight loss diet.

Lighten the skin tone

Another fantastic benefit of sweet potato is, it helps to improve the skin due to vitamin C.

It builds the collagen that helps to look younger.

Its antioxidant properties lighten the skin tone and give the shine.

Help in pooping

Potato is a fibrous food and it helps in bowl formation that makes the excretion process of poop easy.

If your baby has constipation, then give him a potato either in the form of fries or boiled it will help improve the digestive system.

Improves vision

Carotene is present in excess amounts in sweet potatoes as we know carotene helps improve the vision and prevent eyes from dryness.

Chances of night blindness can also be treated with sweet potatoes.

Healthy for gut

As I already discussed, sweet potatoes have a fibre of both types soluble and insoluble.

These fibres help to improve the gut health.

Helpful in cognitive activity

Sweet potato also has a little amount of anthocyanin that protects the brain and prevents free radical formation.

Immunity against disease

The antioxidant property of sweet potatoes helps the body from cancer-causing chemicals.

If a person has cancer, these sweet potatoes make the immune system strong and give the body energy to fight against these carcinogenic compounds.

Boost the immune system

Beta carotene and vitamin A give energy to the muscle and body cell that improve the body’s immune system.

So if you want to keep yourself or kid

fresh in school or sports, then add sweet potatoes in the diet.

Repair the hair

Vitamin A in sweet potatoes helps to nourish the hair.

It provides the oil to the scalp that paces the way of regrowth.

Vit. A also gives energy to the thirsty ends of hair.

Types of cutters for sweet potatoes on the base of the shape of blades

It looks good when you place the same size and same shaped french fries in a tray.

For this purpose, different cutters are available in the market that allows making different uniform shapes. So there is a need to choose the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes.

The commercial french fry cutter

This cutter gives a shape of simple fries if potatoes.

You need to press the lever, and sweet potatoes will forcefully come out.

Waffle fry cutter

If you want a french fries off a sweet potato in the form of waffles, this will be the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes.

It cut the sweet potatoes in the form of a disk and of equal thickness that gives the tray’s lovely view.

Spiral potato cutter

Are you looking for the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes then choose this spiral potato cutter that provides the french fries in the form of spirals that is not possible at home.

But with this cutter, it is a task of minutes, and you can make your guest the feel of restaurants.

Crinkle cutter

A wave-like French fries or sweet potatoes is possible with this crinkle cutter. They are the manual cutters.

Potato chip slicer

It is the best cutter for daily usage as it does not give any design, but it focuses on providing the slice of potato that is of equal size and thickness.

Such sweet potatoes are easy to fry.

Types of cutters based on function.

Selection of the cutter is not an easy task but with these clear divisions it is easy to decide the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes.

Here is a two main categories of cuterrs on the base of functions

  • Automatic cutters

  • Manual cutters

Automatic cutter

These french fries cutters are large and mostly used for commercial use.

If you want to run a business if french fries or a restaurant, this automatic french fries cutter is worth buying.

Electric supply is required to run this automatic french fries cutter as it makes the products in bulk.

Manual cutter

These are the simple cutters available in small and medium-size.

It is useful for home, for making a french fries in a little amount.

These are easy to use—no need for electricity or cords to run it.

If you want to buy the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes then here is list of amazon affiliated cutters

Goplus French Fry Cutter Fruit Vegetable Potato Slicer Commercial Grade W/ 4 Different Size Stainless Steel Blades 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/8″ and a Round BladeBest French Fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes

This sweet potato cutter is a showstopper product of Goplus as it is sturdy in material and beautifully designed.

This cutter can make a large quantity of French fries for a whole family.

If you want to buy the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes, then you are on point.

Here are some features of this sweet potatoes cutter.

The material of the cutter

It is made up of a strong body that is anti-corrosive as well.

The body of the cutter is made up of a stainless steel body.

The handles are made up of aluminium alloy.

Design of Goplus cutter is agronomic as handles are adjusted on the point that allows the very fast working.

Blades are made of sharp stainless steel that allows the sharp cutting.

The whole set is long-lasting and durable.

Easy to clean

It has a moveable and replaceable part due to which it is easy to clean.

Blade shape and number

It has 4 blades that allow the sharp cutting of sweet potatoes in different shapes.

First, three blades make the fries of a thick rectangular shape while the fourth one can form the waffles.

Size and design

This cutter has a weight of 10lbs and small in size, easily adjustable in the kitchen counter with a dimension of 15*7 *9.

The sturdy legs allow stability while cutting potatoes.

The extra-large lever allows the good holding.

Fully mountable design

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Multiple shape options available
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Difficulty in fixing handles as a special tool is required.
  • It is difficult to cut large size sweet potatoes.

Buy now

Electric French Fry Cutter, Sopito Professional French Fry Cutter Stainless Steel Electric Potato Cutter with 1/2-Inch Blades for Home and Commercial UseBest French Fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes

The makers of this cutter are totally confident to say it A one cutter.

This Sopito cutter is different from all other due to its dual usage. It can be used at home and for commercial purposes also.

The material of the cutter

It is made up of good grade steel that is durable and can be used for years.

Its blades are made up of stainless steel that is anti-corrosive and let it work for a long time.

The back of the cutter is plastic as it is easy to grasp the cutter while working.

Easy to clean

It is designed in a way that it provides easy cleaning with water.

It is water and dishwasher resistant, so there is no danger of rust and corrosion.

Blade shape and number

It has one large blade that allows the only one shape of fries.

But the blade is sturdy and sharp that it can cut all the large size vegetables like onions and tomatoes.

The strong blades do not demand a slice of potatoes as you can put the whole large potato in it and the cutter will give you a fries.

Size and design

It has a large size and is easy to use.

By just pressing a two-button of this electric cutter, you are done with your task of making a french fries.

This electric cutter is an upgraded version as it works so simply and quickly.

Pros & Cons

  • It can chop the whole large potato.
  • Its button control system makes it easy to use
  • It has a detachable cutting blade so easy to clean.
  • It runs on a battery so it can ditch you in between the task; there is always a need for a spare battery.
  • It is expensive

Buy now

New Star Food Service 42313 Commercial Restaurant French Fry Cutter with Suction Feet, 1/2-InchBest French Fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes

This new star cutter is the best product for food service. According to makers, this company provides the best and durable kitchen accessories that help to ease your life.

The material of the cutter

This new star commercial cutter is made up of stainless steel and plastic.

The durable blades of this french fries cutter are made of stainless steel, so there is no worry about the contact of acidic juice as it is rust-free.

The outer case is made up of sturdy metal aluminum that helps to hold it tightly.

Easy to use and clean

In terms of cleaning its blades and push block come separate so at the time of cleanliness, they get separated, and the process of cleaning becomes easy.

Its pull up and push down leverage helps to cut the potatoes in one jerk.


Its blade number and shape is one as it is made up of cast iron so they can easily cut every size of sweet potato along with other hard veggies like carrots.

Size and design

It has a buyer-friendly design with a weight of 11 pounds and dimension is 13*8.5*14 inches.

It is a manual pump type cutter.

It has a suction cup that allows the cutter to mount easily.

It can be permanently mounted on a kitchen countertop.

Pros & Cons

  • Little expensive
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Corrosion-free due to stainless steel body
  • Badges can cut the whole sweet potato.
  • The suction cup is not durable.
  • More energy is required to push the lever.

Buy now

French Fry Cutter, Sopito Professional Potato Cutter Stainless Steel with 1/2-Inch Blade Great for Potatoes Carrots CucumbersBest French Fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes

This is another amazing cutter of Sopito with a lot of inbuilt features.

So let’s discuss the features of this Best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes.

The material of the cutter

It is made up of high-quality stainless steel material that is strong, durable and corrosion-free.

Blades are robust and restaurant-grade that are good to cut every item in the same spec of the same thickness.

Its handle does not have a plastic, so it is not easy to rotate or move.

Easy to use and clean

It has a replaceable handle and blades so easy to wash and storage.

It is easy to use by just following simple procedures.

Put the sweet potatoes in between the blades and then push down the lever.


The robust style blades give the cutting the same thickness and shape of all hard veggies and it is also good for sweet potatoes.

Blades are made up of material that is BPA free and also safe in the dishwasher.

No corrosive material also enhances longevity.

Size and design

It is medium size cutter with a weight if 4.99 pounds including shipping weight and capacity is 10.2*35.75*7.87 inches.

It has a rolling shaft design.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean and storage
  • Big lollipop cup
  • Suitable to use for every age
  • It can cut every size sweet potato.
  • Only one blade is present.
  • Handle does not have a plastic material, so it is not safe to push and pull frequently.

Buy now

Buying guide for best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes

When you enter the market and see the numbers of brands and their french fries cutter with different features, you will be confused.

Here in this article, we will give you a solution to buy the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes by discussing different features and their importance.

First, you need to budget and your need for french fries.

It will make you one step pro to decide a best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes.

Let’s jump towards the features one needs to consider while buying the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes without any further ado.

Blade sharpness and shape

The whole quality of french fries based on its cutting.

The cutter that has a sharp blade will save time and cut the even slice of potatoes.

In the concern of shape, different cutters have different blades that give shape to potatoes as waffle, spiral and wave.

If you want to enjoy every shape or style, buy that Best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes with multiple shape blades.


Ease of cleaning

This factor is the most crucial while buying the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes as it will be a difficult task to clean the machine with many parts.

So always select the cutter that has removable blades and components.

Due to this, it will be easy to clean and wash.

Another factor you must keep in mind is that some cutters are available in the dishwasher safe and made of BPA material.

The french fries’ outer and inner body should be water-resistant, so it saved it from corrosion and worked long-lasting.

Suction cup

If you already use a cutter, you know very well that it took an effort to push the lever and sometimes it hurts the arm.

If you are going to buy a new best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes, you must choose a suction cup alongside.

The bottom of the cutter should not be slippery so that it sticks to the floor firmly.

Ease of use

When you buy a thing for daily use, then it should be easy to use.

No doubt automatic cutters are easy to use aa compared to manual.

But they are expensive as well.

You have to buy the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes that is easy to use.

In manual cutters, different types are present that help make french fries with just a single push of a lever and some need a challenging, hectic step that will bore you, and you will compromise on eating your favourite snack.

The cutter that is easy to use makes your routine comfortable and excited as well.

Size and volume

If you want to buy the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes for your daily use, then buy those that can be kept in a drawer.

The small and medium-size cutters are enough for family use and easy to store and safe.

If you want to start a french fries business, you can buy a large size automatic best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes that requires a lot of space on your counter. But for a home using a medium-size manual cutter is enough.


The first and foremost factor is Budget.

When you have an idea of your budget, it will soothe your process to select the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes.

A wide range of cutters available at different prices if you want to buy a small manual cutter made up of steel and plastic will be at a low price.

The automatic large size cutters are expensive to buy as they work on a large scale.

Read the reviews

If you want to buy french fries cutters for sweet potatoes online, read the reviews on the page.

And focus on the points on which the buyer gives the two or three stars and check those points while buying from any page or any brand.


This factor has nothing to do with the working or efficiency of a cutter.

It enhances your kitchen counter’s beauty and allows you to quickly handle a cutter for making a french fries.


This is the factor that builds the buyer’s trust when a brand offers a warranty to its products, and on different parts, it paces up the way to buy the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes.

Final verdict

French fries cutters need this modern-day life and it gives healthy, yummy and quickly prepared food.

You can easily choose the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes according to your choice and need by reading the article.

The homemade french fries are healthiest; the frozen fries can never be quality and taste like homemade french fries.

Which french fries cutter you are going to buy, tell us in comments

Have a good day ahead

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