Best Oranges for Juicing

Best Oranges for Juicing


Orange is a great source of vitamin C, which is very important for our health. Everyone loves orange juice, no matter it is packet-based juice or fresh juice, but no one can beat the flavor of fresh orange juice. When we talk about oranges, there are various kinds of oranges present in the world, but not all oranges are equal in taste.

Some orange, like bergamot orange, is bitter, and the sweetness and flavor of all types of oranges are different. It is hard to opt for the yummy taste, so we have collected the yummiest juicing variations below and rated them according to the juice’s quality to encourage you to choose which orange to fall into the best juicer.

Limonin a power house

All citrus fruit like oranges makes a chemical component names limonin, which is known for its power. It is a phytonutrient that fights with cancer cells and cancer-causing cells; not only this component also fight with fungal, bacteria, and many other infections causing virus. One catch about its butter taste that can ruin your juice flavor also.

Moreover, Limonin is generated from LARL, a tasteless matter present in the cell of the fruit. Once the partition of the fruit is smashed from the juicing method, Limonin starts to form. This means that if your citrus fruit like oranges is super in LARL, the maximum the juice stands around, the extra bitter it may be. But studies said that LARL quantity reduces the more protracted the orange remains on the tree, so orange variations grabbed late in the season would not build bitter beverage. To prevent the bitterness totally, it is the best way to drink your orange juice instantly after juicing.


We have selected five top types of oranges to rate different variations below: bitterness, sweetness, juice content, flavor, and affordability. The Best Orange for juicing.


The world’s most popular variety of oranges is Navel. They are perfect for eating, you can peel them quickly, and these oranges are readily available. The quantity of LARL in this type is often remarkable, which means if your want to make a batch of drink for later use, you could not drink it because of its bitter taste. These are super juicy and the best option if you drink instantly after preparation.

  • If we talk about the sweetness of this king of orange then, we will give 4 out of 5
  • If we talk about bitterness, then we will give it 2/5
  • In flavor, we will provide 4
  • It is super affordable, then we give five, and in juice content, we provide again 5.
  • So the overall score is 3.9


Clementine is small in size but super yummy in juicing. This type of orange is mainly consumed during snack time. Due to its small size, you will have to store many oranges for getting enough glass of juice.

  • If we talk about sweetness, then we will give 4 out of 5
  • In bitterness, we rate it 3
  • For flavor, we will provide 4
  • If we talk about the content of juice, then we will give three and in affordability of course 5
  • So the overall score we will give this creation is 3.8

Blood Orange

These oranges are ruby red from inside, a superb source of iron. Not only the appearance but the taste is also so good. This is a unique type of all kinds of oranges. Peel them, and you will get bloody red flesh; this is amazing. The only negative aspect of this kind is its price, and these are little experience than all. They are sorer in taste than sweet.

  • If we talk about the sweetness of this bloody red-orange, then we will give 3
  • In bitterness, we will give 4
  • If we talk about its flavor, we will give 5; trust me, these Oranges are most yummy.
  • Juice content is also 5
  • Affordability is three because these are all expensive.
  • So the overall score is 4


Satsuma comes in most sweet kings of orange. The variety belongs to Japan. Satsuma knows for its seedless quality. Easy to peel and has a super light and refreshing taste. If we talk about its size, then you can get an idea about, in size, these are bigger than clementine and small than tangelo. This means you will have to pay if you want a glass of fresh juice. They are expensive in rate. They are charming in taste.

We will give it 4 in sweetness, it lasts for a short time; they stay only till early spring and comes in late fall. This short-season variety is superb in flavor and relatively low in bitterness. No doubt, it is the best option for juice lovers. This worth buying product no doubt is a short season, but it is affordable.

  • Super sweet in taste, we give five stars in sweetness
  • Its bitterness is not much so 4
  • In flavor, we give 4.5
  • If we talk about juice content, then we provide 4
  • And last but not least we give five stars in affordability
  • The overall score is 4.5


The most popular type among oranges in Valencia. They spent more time on tress and have a low quantity of LARL, which means you will get an authentic flavor of orange juice and also can save for later use in your fridge. They are produced in excellent quality, super affordable, and you can get them quickly in the market.

  • If we talk about sweetness, then We give 4.5
  • In bitterness, we will provide full five stars
  • The super yummy juice deserves 5
  • They are super juicy, so in juice content, we also give 5
  • Because they are super cheated, so again, five stars
  • Overall rating is 4.9


You have read about the best oranges above. Oranges have many types, and you can’t even count; you just need to choose the one which is according to your taste. All are juicy and give good taste. You can also change the flavor by mixing two different types of oranges. You can blend blood orange and tangelos in your best juicer blender for better and different tastes, and a mixture of Valencia and clementine assortments will enhance the flavor and proportion of your juice. You just need to know that you can prepare juice with any kind of orange, but you may require to be particular about the variation if you want to store your product in your best container for juicing.